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Our thoughts on Hiring and what makes for a great work environment:

Having grown up in the restaurant business, we look back at the various positions we held – from dish washers to general management – and the ways we think things could have been handled differently to produce a better work environment.
Informed by those experiences and our daily business, we continue to evolve our thinking and create new and better ways to lead (and promote leadership within) the people who work with us at Global.

We are a young, dynamic company and have our sights set on growth and expansion: and we are always looking for dedicated, enthusiastic people to grow with us. Whether for the short term or long term, if you give us 100%, we believe you will look back on your experiences with us and remember them as one of best jobs you ever hard…. That would be our hope, at least!

We are a close-knit family of sorts and, as such, we have a genuine interest in seeing you be successful. Not just with work… in everything you do. Whether you have school to attend, are involved with sports, belong to a rock and roll band or have a family of your own, we will make every reasonable effort to build a schedule which is both accommodating of your other priorities and allows you to work hard – but not to the point of tedium or exhaustion.

We provide competitive pay, a fun work environment, proper amounts of feedback and the chance to work in a growing organization we think is something special. We also provide a comprehensive training program designed to help you be productive and enjoy your time at Global.

Bottom Line: This is not a job where we toss you an apron and expect you to be magically infused with everything you need to be excellent at your job as soon as you put it on: although that would be pretty awesome and we should probably look into it…