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The Story of Global Q

Deliverer of Deliciousness

Shortly after serving our first Buffalo Quesadilla near Midtown St. Louis in 2004, we began to suspect there was something truly special about what we had created.

What else would have been compelling these wonderful people we called customers to keep coming back time and time again? We had already ruled out the ambiance and charm of our little storefront: A single room with no air conditioning, bereft of tables or chairs and a décor that could only be described (charitably, mind you) as an indoor hot dog stand. We also had some doubts that it was our catchy name at that time – “CasaDilla” – or the sophistication of our marketing campaign, but hey: Napoleon Dynamite’s Grandma and her famously broken English made for some compelling coattails to ride… and our explosion onto the social media scene was still a few years away. With all those boxes filled with “X’s” we could only surmise that the frequency of return visitors must have something to do with our food – and this has driven us towards a singular focus on producing a standout product ever since.

For the avoidance of doubt: Excellent customer service has been an essential part of what we do from the very beginning, but our true competitive advantage, the “secret sauce” of Global Quesadilla if you will, is the monstrous portions of unbelievably good food we serve up like clockwork. So, we embraced and developed this strength like a proverbial one-trick-pony and the rest is, well kind of history – “our story”.

Knowing where our, err, tortilla is buttered, we work constantly on building new, from-scratch recipes to amaze and delight our customers. What’s more, we flat-out refuse to compromise on the quality of the ingredients in our food and have committed to producing everything humanly possible from scratch, in-house: and not only just in-house, but also in small batches. If that means we have to create and slow-simmer our Five Cheese Queso up to six times a day: So be it.

Bottom Line: Those lessons we learned back in 2004, in that little hole in the wall with the goofy name, have become the foundation of something great – and a business we get excited about every day we come to work. Now: Come on in and have yourself a a dang quesadilla!

Gift Cards Available

Give the gift of great taste!

Know someone who has lost their faith in humanity? Perhaps you have wronged a person significantly and need to get back in their good graces? Or maybe you just want to make so-and-so’s sun shine bright?

We’ve got you covered! Global Quesadilla Gift Cards are available for purchase in increments of $10, $25, $50 and $100. So now you can give the gift of “Oh my friggin… that’s delicious!” to friends, family, co-workers… or whoever might speak fondly of you for this most excellent gesture of kindness!

Get yours today and restore your popularity with that special someone!”

Global Q Food Truck

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